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Home and business phone services in Dalton, Georgia

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At OptiLink, we’re here to connect you with excellent home and business phone service. Located in Dalton, GA, we’ve been our area’s source for telecommunications solutions since 2003.

Pricing & Plan Information

* Minutes do not roll over month to month. Minutes over plan are $0.05 per minute.

Additional Services

  • Wire Maintenance – $3.95
  • Voicemail – $5.95
  • Number Portability – keep current Number – $24.00 (one-time fee)

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Basic Long Distance

$0.05 per minute

250 Long Distance

$7.00 per month

500 Long Distance

$14.00 per month

1,000 Long Distance

$28.00 per month

1,500 Long Distance

$42.00 per month

2,500 Long Distance

$70.00 per month

5,000 Long Distance

$132.50 per month

5,500 Long Distance

$132.50 per month

6,500 Long Distance

$172.25 per month

7,500 Long Distance

$198.75 per month

10,000 Long Distance

$250.00 per month

12,500 Long Distance

$312.00 per month

17,500 Long Distance

$437.00 per month

20,000 Long Distance

$500.00 per month

Additional Services

  • Virtual PBX (enhanced Centrix-like service – call for more details) – Local Service with all the enhanced features plus Call Pick Up. Transfer & Extension Dialing. $33.75*
  • Additional analog line will be billed at the 2 or more service rate of $22.95
  • Virtual PBX Extension. $23.75
  • PRI Circuit – PRI for PBX / Key System Trunk
  • Number Portability – keep current Number $26.20 (one-time fee)**

* May require additional installation fees

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Phone FAQs

Residential and Commercial phone service installation in Dalton, Georgia

Can I get phone equipment from OptiLink or do I have to go elsewhere?

We provide telephone equipment for our virtual PBX products for commercial customers. Standard residential phone services are compatible with most PBX and telephone equipment.

Does OptiLink take care of wiring?

Yes, we will use any existing wiring for telephones. Additionally, the CAT 5 cabling to connect you with our high-speed internet service is free of charge! Most homes can be connected at no additional cost to the consumer; some restrictions apply.

Will I be able to keep the same phone number?

Yes. All you have to do is fill out our NumberPortability Form upon signing up. Please note that there will be a one-time $26.20 fee.

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Assistance for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Customer

If you require special services due to a disability, email us at

Georgians who are deaf, have speech disabilities, or are hard of hearing can communicate with friends, family, and business contacts using the Georgia Relay Service. By using a special text telephone (TDD/TTY), the user may type their conversation. OptiLink customers who wish to communicate with people who are deaf, have speech disabilities, or are hard-of-hearing may dial 7-1-1 and have their conversation relayed via text. Text telephone users may also dial 7-1-1 to have conversations relayed to others. If you are a Georgia Relay user, please contact us at for additional information. The Georgia Relay service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For more information, click here or email us at

Have questions about signing up for phone service? Call 706-278-1313 to speak with an OptiLink representative.

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